Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Click & Go Collect Work?

On sign up, businesses add their address, products and opening hours to their profile and receive an online shop link which they can share with their customers. They will also be listed in our business directory for discovery by local people who input their address.

Customers who place an order will choose from available days and times to order their pickup. This will be determined by the lead times specified by the businesses. 

FAQ's for Businesses

When will my store be ready to share with my customers?
Once you have completed the registration process and entered all your store and product information, you will receive an email with your unique store link straight away! Share this link with your customers, through your social channels and get the message out there! 

When adding my business the map can’t find my address
The map uses Google to find your address, but if for some reason it can’t just contact us and we will add it manually for you.

Will there be a charge to use Click & Go Collect after level 3 or Covid-19?
The basic click and collect functionality will be free forever, this has been set up on a purely giving basis to support local kiwi businesses.
We don’t know what the future will bring, we’re hoping to add more functionality including payments and delivery options, which might incur small processing fees. We’ll communicate any updates to you as soon as we know.

How many products can I add?
At launch you can add up to 40 products, we will be increasing this over time.

Can I add more products after set up?
Absolutely! Up to 40 products can be added in total after registration in the business dashboard. You can do this whenever you wish so you can remove items that are out of stock or add options as you have them.

Can I add images to my products?
Absolutely! You can add 1 image for each product.

Can I add a product description?
We are launching with basic product features that enable you to list an item but not add a lot of detail, but we will be adding this to the site soon.

How can we alter cooking / preparation times to products?
The lead times for each product can be varied depending on how long things take to prepare. If these times change they can be updated in the business dashboard.

How is the pick up time worked out?
The pick up time is calculated based on the product in the order that is slowest to prepare. For example, if an order contains a product that takes 10 minutes to prepare and a product that takes 45 minutes, the first available pickup time will be 45 minutes. Note, the times are standalone and not cumulative.

Do you offer delivery?
We don’t have any delivery function at the moment, however adding ‘delivery’ as a product with a longer lead time and then contacting the customer might work for some…

FAQ's for Customers

What do I need to collect my order?
You will need your order number plus valid identification (confirmation email/ID/Passport/Drivers licence).

How do I pay?
Contactless payments are organised directly by the provider and not by Click & Go Collect. This works through honesty, if you order it is expected you will turn up, pay and collect your order.

Can I change my order?
It is not possible to change your order once it has been sent to the provider. If you are able to contact the business directly they may be able to provide you with different options

How do I cancel my order?
You must contact the store and discuss if this is possible – if the order has already been made it may not be possible and you are liable to pay for it.

FAQ's General

Does the service include offering deliveries or is it pickup only?
Currently orders are only available for pickup (contactless). We are looking at integrating a delivery feature in the future depending on demand.

Can the contactless payment method be a payment to a bank account?
At launch our email and notifications are standardised, this means upon order receipt businesses will receive the customer’s email and cellphone number which could then be used to contact the customer offering/requesting bank payments. Adding payment terms will be added as a new feature in the next release.

Is there an app?
Not yet. We’re working on our future plans including an app but due to app store restrictions the cost of development is just too high for a free service.

Why are you offering this for free? What are you getting out of it? What’s the catch?
Click & Go Collect has been set up as a BE Kind Initiative by the team at BE Business. They work with business clients and wanted to develop something for them to assist at this challenging time, but they decided to open it for all NZ businesses that need it, to be kind and support kiwis.

Are you going to expand what’s offered?
We have so many ideas for expansion that will require more money. If Click & Go Collect sounds like a good idea we’d love to talk about investment opportunities and partnering, just contact us.

Got another question?

Please chat with us or visit our contact page.

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