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A 100% FREE website and marketplace for kiwi businesses to offer click and collect services.

Click & Go Collect - stacked logo - Free Online Ordering Marketplace for Kiwi Businesses to offer Click & Collect service with contactless pick up

For the mom and pop stores, the small cafes, and anyone who doesn't have online ordering.

Support local. Shop Safe.

Due to the epic work from our team of 5 million on Tuesday 28th April New Zealand we moved to level 3 lockdown and businesses are able to open for contactless delivery and pre-ordered pickup.

Kiwi’s are keen for a good coffee. And lots of local cafes don’t have online ordering. So instead of building it just for our local, we decided to build a platform to help as many businesses as possible.

It helps us stay local, it supports the local economy, and we might finally have a decent flat white…

The great thing is that it’s not just perfect for cafes, it suits all different types of retail stores and shops helping them navigate the world of online ordering with ease, and for free.

For Businesses

Businesses can register now for a free online ordering site.

For Customers

Spread the word

Tell your local businesses about us! Let them know there’s an easy and free way to take click & collect online orders now!

Find Your Local

Businesses have private ordering page links they can share, and we have a marketplace directory coming soon! Choose a pickup time from the available time slots, and go to pay and pickup – all contactless. 

Pay when you pick-up

You pay at the premises. Businesses will ensure they can take your payments safely.

How far should I drive?

Short trips are ok during level 3, but remember to stay local, and stay in your bubble. Save lives.

Who’s involved?


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Click & Go Collect - ordering ice cream for contactless pickup

Businesses that have confirmed they have implemented hygienic practices as per MBIE recommendations.

Businesses that have confirmed pickups and purchases can be made from at least 2 metres away.

Businesses that have confirmed contactless payment is available. Paywave or other methods.

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I’m a Customer

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